For PERSONAL TRAINERS AND FITNESS INSTRUCTORS all over the world… take your clients to one of the world’s most idyllic locations to get PUMPED with our truly unique S-FIT facility at Hidden Valley. With state of the art Cross Fit, TRX, and Circuit Training equipment, let us assist your every need to make your clients FIT trip an experience of a lifetime.

We not only talk the talk but practice what we preach. The management of our company place a high value on health and fitness and have been training in gyms collectively for decades and we understand the importance of diet with training. The saying, 80% diet, 20% training is an old adage but one we truly understand and is a huge driver with the food we provide at the resort.

We cater for all diet types and specialise in:
– locally produced healthy organic food
– vegan and vegetarian diets
– High protein dishes
– low carb dishes

We can cater specifically to your group’s needs. If it’s a bulking up trip, we can create a menu to suit, likewise if it’s a general weight loss trip to get in shape, we can tailor the menu to suit. Just tell us what you need and it’s done!

Call or email us and your specialist allocated event manager here at Hidden Valley will do everything for you. All you have to do tell us how many of your clients you wish to host and leave the rest to us. Our fitness facilities can cater for up to 40 people and we offer amazing all-inclusive value for you and your clients.

For individuals, the equipment is here for you to use so please contact us and we can arrange personal training for you in advance for your trip!